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Mama Maji volunteers add critical capacity to social enterprises started by women in predominantly rural areas. The skills and technologies that we all take for granted are often times the keys to success for these amazing women. Whether you are giving an hour a month or whole month, your time is the most valuable gift you can make to these entrepreneurs. To find out how YOU can make an impact today email us at


Don’t have time? We hear you! In our busy world finding an hour can be a hard thing to do. But, in just a few minutes you can change a woman’s life forever. Whether you’re donating to support a new Maji Mama going through her first masonry training or donating to help build a water tank for a school or family in need, every little bit makes a difference. Just like the bricks the Maji Mamas use to build water tanks, big changes come from lots of little changes all put together.

Be the Change You Want To See In The World!

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At Mama Maji we are a results-driven team that believes in unlocking opportunity for the people we empower. We stand for a world where everyone can build a better tomorrow. When you join our team, you aren’t just punching the clock at a new job, you're setting a course to make a real impact in the world. We believe in doing things that matter every day and like you, we think that's a great way to live and work.

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